Bringing Modern SCADA Visualization to Industry

Integrating new equipment often requires developing new SCADA screens, which can slow operations significantly. CSE Icon’s Ignition for Upstream Accelerator addresses this by streamlining the integration process.

How Campaign Manager Tech Benefits Batch Manufacturing

In batch manufacturing operations, a campaign manager is a database module that acts as a translator between ERP and scheduling software and the batch engine to prevent errors...

Experimenting with Low-Cost Edge Devices

How to maintain critical processes at the plant level while leveraging cloud resources for non-essential tasks, ensuring operational continuity and mitigating risks associated...

Optimizing the Winemaking Process

Novate Solutions works with Cakebread Cellars to devise a control system to optimize the operation of Cakebread’s glycol chiller plant.

Using Roll Control to Straighten Pipes

Factors involved in solving straightening problems include understanding material properties, variations in bending requirements and the versatility of the straightening machine...

Infrastructure in a Box: An Answer to Costly Equipment Integration

How a portable operations station can contain all the automation technologies needed to for a GMP life sciences facility to produce quality-controlled products.

Control Station and dataParc Partner to Improve Plant Efficiency

Using an API to transfer dataParc Historian data into Control Station’s PlantESP will help manufacturers get to the root causes of common problems and provide advanced warning...

Pilot Plant Tests Process Control for Producing Synthetic Gas from Coal

The Leigh Creek Energy Project exceeded expectations with a peak flow rate of 7.5mmcf/day through use of an integrated architecture built on Rockwell Automation hardware and software...


Abb Autonomous Operator Video Header

ABB's Autonomous Operator Demo

ABB's Joerg Schubert shows how the company's forthcoming Autonomous Operator software provides augmented data to operators to help them better react to abnormal situations.
Decouple Cover 1

How Decoupling Hardware and Software Extends Automation

Schneider Electric’s Michael Martinez explains how decoupling devices from software allows you to extend the life of automation systems while also improving their availability...
Aw Cover 2

Assessing Industrial Controller Options

Learn the key differences among programmable automation controllers, programmable logic controllers, and industrial PCs.

Bedrock’s Open Secure Automation Architecture Gets an Upgrade

Ease of configuration and SCADA redundancy added to Bedrock’s open, secure control system.