Digital Transformation


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X Marks the SaaS

Siemens continues to expand its cloud-based digital thread software-as-a-service for manufacturers of all sizes with new product additions and Microsoft Azure availability.

Connect the Physical and Digital Worlds with a Digital Thread

How manufacturers are building seamless connections between critical data, systems and workflows to drive better decision making and automation.

Nvidia Brings AI Capabilities to Teradyne Robotics

Nvidia's platform plays a pivotal role in enabling advancements in simulation, generative AI and optimized edge compute, positioning it and Teradyne Robotics to lead in the rapidly...
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The Growing Influence of IT on OT

Even though proponents of the merger between operations technology and IT don’t necessarily see a day when the two merge completely, the influence of IT is changing key aspects...
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The AI Co-Pilots Are Coming. What Are They?

Not to be confused with their digital assistant predecessors, artificial intelligence co-pilot tech leverages multi-disciplinary datasets for analysis and insights to help manufacturing...

Advanced Lithium Batteries Can Power Devices for Decades

With their ability to power remote wireless devices for up to 40 years, ultra-long-life lithium batteries can reduce your long-term cost of ownership.
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Why Digital Twins Are Becoming Essential for Testing and Commissioning

The ability to test and validate equipment and systems before implementation is key competitive advantage for any manufacturer. However, in these still early days for the technology...
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Bringing the Workflow Revolution to the Digital Factory

Real-world applications at Bosch Rexroth and Heineken demonstrate how workflow technology breaks down data silos, enhances cybersecurity and improves operational efficiency to...


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Weidmüller's u-OS for Device Maintenance and App Integration

Ken Crawford, senior director of automation at Weidmüller USA says, u-OS is designed to “ensure future resilience and ease of system migration by eliminating reliance on a single...