Automation technologies related to discrete manufacturing industry verticals such as automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, textiles, and electronics.


Source: Siemens

A BOM-Centered Digital Thread

Definitions of the digital thread tend to vary, but Siemens’ bills of material approach gets to the core of data usage from engineering design through to the supply chain.

Mouser Electronics and Edge Impulse Partner to Combine ML and Edge Devices

Mouser’s use of Edge Impulse in practical demonstrations emphasizes the practical applications and innovative potential of this partnership in real-world scenarios.

How Two-in-One Encoders Deliver Robot Accuracy

The ability of two-in-one encoders to provide motor feedback and position measurement in one device are critical to the space and safety needs of collaborative robots.
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End-to-End Automation for Small to Mid-Sized Manufacturers

Has Vention cracked the plug-and-play automation code for smaller manufacturers? The company’s platform, covering everything needed from design to deployment and support, appears...

Revolutionizing the Supply Chain with Generative AI

How generative AI is being used to boost efficiency and resilience in supply chains and manufacturing.
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How AI Is Making Robots More Autonomous and Adaptable

Teradyne Robotics’ work with Nvidia is expected to bring about an inflection point in technology that will enable robots to operate more precisely in unstructured and changing...
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Fast-Tracking Compressed Air Management

Intelligent, IIoT-connected air flow monitoring devices combined with preconfigured digital analytics helps identify and resolve excess consumption for ongoing savings.

LG Enters the Industrial AMR Space

The CLOI CarryBot is available in two payload types, both featuring autonomous navigation capabilities as well as fleet management and materials control software.


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Ergonomic HMI Tablet Device

IDEC has introduced the new HT4P Safety Commander— an ergonomic device allowing users to safely hold a HMI tablet while providing power, networking and hardwired emergency stop...
7 23 Teledyne Dalsa

4K 3D Profile Laser Line Profile Sensor

The Z-Trak LP2C 3D profile sensor family for in-line 3D measurement and inspection applications is the latest member of Teledyne Dalsa’s Z-Trak family. The sensors deliver 4,096...
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3D Volume Sensor

The ZMX series 3D time of flight sensor provides a single sensor for volume monitoring. The ZMX sensor is installed over the bin to be filled and through the use of digital imaging...
Gefran Linear Potentiometers 5x7

AutomationDirect adds Linear Position Potentiometers

AutomationDirect has released the Gefran linear potentiometers and accessories, used to detect position and linear direction movement.


Vention at Automate 2024

A look at how Vention seeks to ease the process of automation for small and mid-sized manufacturers,

Teradyne Robotics and Nvidia at Automate 2024

The companies are working to enable robots to operate more precisely in unstructured and changing environments.

Automate 2024 Highlights

When I started covering automation and robotics in the early 1990s, I heard from a few experienced editors in the field that, unfortunately, I had missed the heyday of robotics...

KUKA KMP 1500 Autonomous Mobile Robot

In this video, Tyler Britcher of KUKA Robotics explains the company’s exhibit at Modex 2024 which highlighted the KMP 1500. Read more about the KMP 1500.


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Big Data: What is it and How is Industry Using it?

A down-to-earth look at the technologies behind Big Data and advice from industry on using it.
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The Long Term Effects of Remote Access

As the virtual world creates new end user expectations, OEMs and technology suppliers are required to partner in new ways.
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Augmented Reality Gets to Work

Augmented reality technologies are proving to be an operator’s best friend in discrete and process manufacturing.
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Robotics, VR and AR Set the Pace for Automation

Innovations in Robotics, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality lead to improvements in Automation.