LG Enters the Industrial AMR Space

May 13, 2024
The CLOI CarryBot is available in two payload types, both featuring autonomous navigation capabilities as well as fleet management and materials control software.

LG, a well-known supplier of home appliances and electronics, also offers autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to transport products, deliver food and beverages and provide information in commercial settings. Now, LG has expanded its AMR line with addition of the CLOI (clever operating intelligence) CarryBot for warehouse use.

The CLOI CarryBot features LG’s AMR platform for autonomous navigation, Wi-Fi capabilities, an ergonomic hardware design, a fleet management system and a material control system to optimize order distribution and scheduling.

With a top speed of 2.7 miles per hour, a typical runtime of 18.5 hours and autonomous dock charging in 6 hours, the CLOI CarryBot is designed for delivering small-to-medium packages and can be integrated with various warehouse management system functions such as material control, fleet management and robot management systems. The CLOI CarryBot’s robot management system provides managers instant access to location info, AMR status, alerts for abnormal interactions and statistical data to support decision making.

The Mounting type CLOI CarryBot features two shelves that are 30 inches wide and 16.5 inches deep, for smaller package needs or use in tight spaces. It features a front-facing 9.2-inch touchscreen and an integrated holder for barcode scanners for inventory tracking and verification.

The Rolltainer type CLOI CarryBot features a traditional rolling container for greater payload capacity using two shelves that can accommodate packages up to 29 inches wide and 19 inches deep. 

According to LG, interfacing the CLOI CarryBot with material control systems enables smart order grouping, picking item categorization, order information distribution and support for notations of shortages or skipped items. Fleet management system integration provides path-planning for multi-AMR users, intelligent AMR fleet navigation and prioritization, traffic balancing and detouring, obstacle avoidance and automated return for dock charging. 

At the end of its shift, or when power is low, the CLOI CarryBot automatically returns to a designated multi-AMR charging dock.

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