Automation technologies related to batch manufacturing and continuous processing, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and utilities.


Bringing Modern SCADA Visualization to Industry

Integrating new equipment often requires developing new SCADA screens, which can slow operations significantly. CSE Icon’s Ignition for Upstream Accelerator addresses this by streamlining the integration process.

Data Logger vs. DAQ

Understand the key differences between data logging and data acquisition.

Manufacturing USA’s AI-Focused Institute

Automation professionals can engage in research and development projects, contribute to employer-led partnerships for training resources and help develop pathways for a skilled...

Preparing for SCADA System Challenges

Like any software, SCADA systems are not immune to problems. But with the right level of emergency assistance, training and planned system improvements, SCADA issues don’t have...

How to Pass Data Securely Through a DMZ

There are issues with passing operations technology data through a DMZ using OPC UA or MQTT. Secure tunnel/mirroring software resolves them.

Biocare Boosts Production and Quality with 7-Axis Robot

Using Kassow Robots’ 7-axis cobots, pesticide manufacturer Biocare increases production by a factor of four while also improving quality.

Improve Inspection Accuracy with Automated Vision Systems

Automating your quality control efforts using vision-based inspection systems, especially in heavily regulated industries, can dramatically improve your operations and reduce ...

From Remote Access to Real-Time Control Information

The integration of artificial intelligence and immersive environments is expected to shape the future of HMIs, emphasizing the flexibility and mobility afforded by remote access...


2003np Fci

Wet Gas Flow Sensor

FCI's Gas Master Sensor for the ST80 Series flow meters delivers accurate, repeatable gas flow measurement in the presence of even more moisture and condensation droplets.
2003np Alliancesensors

Linear Position Sensors for Heavy Duty Applications

The LV-45 linear position sensors from Alliance Sensors Group are specifically designed for measuring applications requiring rugged devices.
Load Sensing by Light

Load Sensing by Light

SKF Fiber Optic Sensing uses optical fibers to measure forces in real time in difficult environments and without electronics.
The LMP-1802G-SFP and LMX-1802G-SFP Series from Antaira are aimed at edge-level networking applications in harsh and outdoor environments.

18-Port Gigabit Ethernet Managed PoE+ and Non-PoE Switches

The LMP-1802G-SFP and LMX-1802G-SFP Series from Antaira are aimed at edge-level networking applications in harsh and outdoor environments.


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Emerson's Floor to Cloud System

This group of Emerson technologies includes Aventics pneumatics, Branson power supplies, Movicon SCADA/HMI, and PACEdge and PACSystems controllers and software.
Abb Autonomous Operator Video Header

ABB's Autonomous Operator Demo

ABB's Joerg Schubert shows how the company's forthcoming Autonomous Operator software provides augmented data to operators to help them better react to abnormal situations.
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Improve Maintenance Methods to Better Handle Equipment Failures

Stephen Lacy of Belden explains the high costs of reactive maintenance and how moving to more proactive—and even predictive—maintenance can be achieved without major investments...
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Industry Shapes the Future of Automation

Companies such as Pfizer, Shell, ExxonMobil, and Intel show the value of automation and where it’s headed through their use of specific technologies.


Awfaq3 Cybersecurity R2

Defense-In-Depth: Cybersecurity

Learn how to protect your company against bad cyber actors.