Pedrini Deploys Wireless Communications in its Machines

May 15, 2024
CoreTigo’s IO-Link wireless technology is being retrofitted onto existing Pedrini stone processing machinery for industrial grade wireless communications to PLCs.

Pedrini, a manufacturer of natural stone processing plants and machines is now integrating CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless devices into its natural stone processing machinery. 

Used on Pedrini’s Spectra B220 planetary calibrating machine for grinding of natural stone slabs such as marble, granite and quartzite, CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless communication monitors the machine spindles. These spindles feature diamond tools used in the Spectra B220’s calibrating unit. Optimal performance of the machine relies on real-time accurate reading and control of the current on each spindle while in high-speed operational mode. 

Use of CoreTigo’s wireless technology replaces the need for Pedrini to run communication cables from the spindles through the slip rings of the calibrator and to the PLC.

On the B220 machines, CoreTigo’s IO-Link Wireless is deployed via use of an IO-Link Wireless bridge (CoreTigo’s TigoBridge) connected to a multiport I/O hub that communicates current data from eight spindles simultaneously. A total of 48 spindles per machine are controlled with six TigoBridges. A single IO-Link Wireless master (CoreTigo’s TigoMaster) collects all the data from the wireless bridges on the machine and communicates it to the PLC. The data is visualized on the HMI to enable real-time machine calibration and optimization.

According to CoreTigo, Pedrini’s adoption of IO-Link Wireless communication has allowed the company to switch from complex and high-cost communication slip rings on the calibrators to smaller and more cost-effective slip rings. 

Additional advantages of wireless communications on Pedrini’s Spectra B220 include:

  • Increased flexibility—the wireless technology enables simple retrofits and system expansion by adding dozens of connected spindles without slip ring or cabling constraints. 
  • Improved maintenance—reduced spare parts for expensive slip rings, reduced cable wear and tear, and reduced maintenance operations requirements.
  • Reliability—IO-Link Wireless provides more reliable performance than conventional wireless systems (such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) and can coexist with other wireless networks, does not require line of sight for communications and is designed for high-speed motion applications in harsh industrial environments.

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