Teradyne Robotics and Nvidia at Automate 2024

May 20, 2024
The companies are working to enable robots to operate more precisely in unstructured and changing environments.

Noting how Nvidia’s simulation platform is changing the speed of robotic application development, Ujjwal Kumar, president of Teradyne Robotics, said Teradyne’s investors often ask him when the inflection point will come in the advanced robotics and AI space; that is, when will the AI hype achieve the real-world capabilities industry needs. 

Kumar said he believes this point “will come faster than all the technology adoptions I have seen in two decades of my manufacturing life. The reason for this is that, in the past, any new technology required dedicating a part of the factory—the least risky part—to try out a new technology while being careful not to break anything. Now, most of our customers who are piloting these AI algorithms are doing it in a digital twin in the cloud to do all kinds of testing across millions of different scenarios, which will greatly accelerate adoption. So, this inflection point, as I see it, will come way faster than what the industrial world is used to.”

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