July 2023

Addressing the Supply Chain Disruptions
B&R Industrial Automation's I/O offer IP20 and IP67 protection.

Automation—It’s All About the I/O

July 5, 2023
Robots, sensors and controllers may get all the attention, but automation doesn’t occur without the input/output devices to send and receive the signals that enable automation...
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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain and Warehouse Technologies Address Present and Future Disruptions

Evolving technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, smart robots, and zero-trust cybersecurity show great promise for keeping each link in supply chains moving while enabling...
Panel parts are clamped in pneumatically actuated devices and welded, controlled by Festo’s CPX/VTSA valve manifolds. Evert Forsberg (left), Lars Kreutner (right), both from Scania, and Leif Lindahl (center) from Festo.

Scania Automates for Mass Production of Customized Truck Cabs

Regulations restricting human use of welding tools helps Scania improve production processes and product quality with greater use of robots and Festo automation technologies.
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Technology Highlights from Automate 2023

From advances in core automation technologies to the cutting edge, the Automate 2023 event in Detroit did a great job showcasing the variety of technologies available to manufacturers...

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7 23 Smartray

ECCO Series 3D Inspection Sensor

June 29, 2023
Based on the earlier Ecco 65 and 75 models, the Ecco 85+ range of sensors combine laser triangulation with image formation technology to create detailed 3D images that can be ...
7 23 Rollon

Adaptive Lightweight Linear Bearing

June 28, 2023
The MiniRoller Rail from Rollon is a linear bearing designed for applications requiring moderate loads. It uses induction-hardened and machined raceways to reduce noise, provide...
7 23 Proface

Entry Level HMI

June 27, 2023
The ET6000 Entry Level Series is a line of industrial touch screen HMIs designed for applications that require basic control and monitoring capabilities. The ET6000 series includes...
7 23 Premo

Cobot with Six Degrees of Freedom

June 26, 2023
The pArm6 Cobot Arm+Controller from Premo features six degrees of freedom and is designed to work alongside human operators in a shared workspace. It allows for operators with...
7 23 Pilz

Adjustable Muting Arms for Safety Light Curtains

The sensors of the new PSENopt II range of muting arms from Pilz can be positioned individually via adjustment for L, T and X-muting and are assembled directly on the safety light...
7 23 Moxa

Industrial Wireless Networking Solutions

June 21, 2023
Moxa has released its AWK series of industrial wireless networking systems. The series includes three models: the AWK-3252A, AWK-4252A, and AWK-1151C AP/bridge/client. Designed...
7 23 Mitsubishi

System Recorder Module

The new iQ-R Series System Recorder module assists programmers in determining a machine’s malfunction root cause by recording all program and mechanical state changes for several...
7 23 Khk

Bevel Gears

June 14, 2023
KHK straight, spiral, and hypoid bevel gears are offered in a variety of modules, numbers of teeth, materials and styles with gear ratios of 1.5 through 5. All of KHK’s stock ...
7 23 Idec

Stackable Terminal Blocks

June 12, 2023
The BTBH-H easy-stack product line of surface mount terminal blocks from IDEC come in a compact form factor with four different amp ratings: 10A, 15A, 30A and 50A. They can be...
7 23 Ewellix

Electric Actuators

June 9, 2023
These electric actuators, designed specifically for mobile applications, were developed to assist the transition from hydraulic power to electrically controlled motion systems...
7 23 Honeywell

Maintenance Monitoring Transmitters

The Versatilis transmitters from Honeywell are made for condition-based monitoring of rotating equipment. They are a multi-variant instrument based on the LoRaWAN protocol. The...
7 23 Teledyne Dalsa

4K 3D Profile Laser Line Profile Sensor

June 7, 2023
The Z-Trak LP2C 3D profile sensor family for in-line 3D measurement and inspection applications is the latest member of Teledyne Dalsa’s Z-Trak family. The sensors deliver 4,096...
Beckhoff's Daymon Thompson at Automate 2023.

Beckhoff Previews LLM AI Integration in TwinCAT

An early preview of Beckhoff’s forthcoming TwinCAT Chat Client, which leverages the power of LLMs like ChatGPT, shows how the artificial intelligence technology can be used to...
7 23 Hatebur

Servo-Hydraulic Ejector Module

June 5, 2023
Hatebur has introduced new SAM technology (servo-hydraulic ejector module) on its HM 35. The modules, which can be installed at each forming station and individually controlled...
Ruti Baumstein

Getting the Greenfield OT Experience Right

Building a large greenfield (new) plant is a great opportunity for a manufacturer. However, it’s important to take the right approach to get buy in and not lose people over the...
7 23 Bosch Rexroth

Screw-Driven Linear Axes

The Small Modules Screw Driven (SMS) line of linear axes from Bosch Rexroth range features more compact sizing and ball screw assembly. They are designed for simple positioning...
7 23 Banner

3D Volume Sensor

The ZMX series 3D time of flight sensor provides a single sensor for volume monitoring. The ZMX sensor is installed over the bin to be filled and through the use of digital imaging...
The app combines connectivity, cameras, sensors, 3D modeling and augmented reality overlays.

Volvo Group Develops Augmented Reality App

The app, built using PTC’s CAD and augmented reality technologies, is directed at first responders to help guide them in rescue operations.
With this aid of Humatics' microlocation technology, two Universal Robots with Atlas Copco end effectors deliver torque to engine bolts as the engine moves through the assembly area without stopping.

In-Motion Control Moves Automation Beyond Fixed Assembly Applications

Humatics applies radio frequency microlocation technology to enable highly precise yet flexible robotic assembly operations.
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Combine Software and Six Sigma to Avoid Unplanned Downtime

Because unplanned downtime can still occur when using monitoring and preventative maintenance software, application of the DMAIC six sigma tool along with software insights can...
Jim Heppelman delivers opening presentation at PTC LiveWorx 2023

PTC Highlights Automation Industry Use of Its Technology

Application of PTC software by automation suppliers such as Balluff, Festo and Schneider Electric highlight broad use of the company’s design and connectivity software as the ...
The Advantech and Altizon bundle includes the following Advantech intelligent hardware devices (left to right): UNO-2271G-V2 Intel-based edge IoT gateway, ADAM-6717 Linux intelligent I/O gateway and WISE-S100 stack light monitoring sensor.
Digital Transformation

Advantech and Altizon Develop Digital Transformation Partnership

May 22, 2023
Advantech and Altizon launch an integrated hardware and software offering designed to simplify and speed up the modernization of factory operations.
The ABB Robotic Item Picker. Source: ABB

AI-Enabled Robotic Pick and Place

May 17, 2023
ABB’s new Robotic Item Picker uses artificial intelligence to accurately detect and pick items in unstructured environments.
Am By Industry

3D Printing Viability Determination

Awareness of 3D printing’s use beyond prototypes is becoming more well known. But how do you know if a part or product should be 3D printed or produced via traditional methods...